SUCCESS- What is Success ~ why we need Success ~ how to get Success ~when you will get Success ~ where you will get Success.

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SUCCESS- What is Success ~ why we need Success ~ how to get Success ~when you will get Success ~ where you will get Success. 

  • What is Success?

Reaching to a Platform/level where you achieve Happiness, wealth, Desired visions, goals and the things which matters most in your life is called success. It is a psychological, physical, emotional, and financial state of life .

Success is the only outcome Hard-work.

You can’t get your goals & achievements in your bed.

As we know that success is Outcome of hard-work and platform where you achieve Happiness, wealth, desired visions, goals.

With success most of us will get happiness of mind, money, fame, goals etc.

And for a happy life we all have to get them, if we have to live financially free we have to make a wealth. For mind stat we have to get happiness because money, fame, goals, nothing Matters if you are not happy.

After that fame is still more matters for many people like actors, singers, models, etc.

Then for a better, dream life we have to become successful.

Success is our secondary need in nowadays life.


 How to get Success?

  • For Achieving your goal and achievements & to get succeed there is a simple rule and statement-
“Do hard-work”

At every stage of success everyone get failures & obstacles, just face them don’t afraid and depressed from them and Go ahead consistently.

And one day you will get success definitely.

What is hard work? –

Every successful person did hard-work in their life for getting it. Hard work doesn’t mean to do only body work. Hard work is consistency, patience, with smart work.

If someone wants to become successful then we have to do hard-work for a several time (It could be months, years, and days).

You can’t get success in a day or in a month.

As we all know that “Good things take time”.

Every empire like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, facebook, Reliance etc, doesn’t stand in one day.

They all did a lot of hard work & Smart work and then they get a status called SUCCESSFUL.

  • When you will get Success? [How long does it takes].

The day you find inner person of yourself and start working on it then you can say that you are on the way of achievement. It takes time to make your empire or career.

In digits I will suggest you that work hard for 5 years, and then compare yourself as before and after 5 years of consistency.

Find your inner best version for doing your best.

Reaching to peak of your career and becoming Successful takes time.

Because every Boss is once an employee, every CEO once and ordinary staff worker.

  • Where you will get Success?

In your Journey from an Zero & lowest status to the Your Goal, between zero & Goal- you will get many obstacles, failures but after that obstacles in the end when you find yourself different from others. because you did hard work to achieve and for succeed.

There you get your triumph and victory.

For finding success you have to grinding yourself.


  • Is Success for everyone?

The simple answer is NO. but it is for them who work for hard work for it as it needs. because

The one who needs is the one who succeeds.

Success, money, fame, happy life, goals, etc. are only for the one Who-
  • Learn
  • Leaving comfort zone start doing reasonable works
  • Face depression, failures, obstacles, loneliness and many more in life and journey of success
  • Do hard-work
  • Stay consistent & Focused for Goal
  • Find inner best person (Talent/Passion)
  • Want to become Great, Rich, Financially free, powerful and did hard-work for getting that status.
  • Have ability and patience to grind themselves for few years.

For becoming successful we have to do that with our mind, body, soul.

And I think that everyone don’t want to do that all even If someone did any 5 from them then their chances to become successful in life are more than any ordinary person.

  • Who can’t get Success?

There are many people who starts the journey but leave it in middle and then live there whole life simple or lower levels.

Because not everyone can’t do that.

Major fault list which makes people unsuccessful are-

  • Getting failures and get afraid from them and leave that all.
  • Fear of Failures
  • Public statements like- what will they say
  • Parents obeying and comments
  • Less knowledge and don’t want to learn.


  • And their own tiredness in the journey of success & they leave it.
    • How successful people define it?
    Jeff Bezos–

They know the path to success is anything but straight.” It’s the inefficient time that often results in discovering the next big thing. “Sometimes (often actually) in business, you do know where you’re going, and when you do, you can be efficient. Put in place a plan and execute,” Bezos said.

Bill gates-

Life is not fair. No matter how hard you work in life, there will always be times where things don’t go your way, perhaps through a fault of your own. Things that you cannot control. You will get knocked down, but you need to be able to stand up.

And most of the successful people said one same and constant line that

Have patience do hard and smart work, read books. learn something new etc. because they all mostly face them and as it is then tell them to others .

  • Conclusion-

In the last we want to make you understand that Success is not one day work result, it is a slow, steady, progress. Because of that slow process never fear to start the journey because every successful was once a failed person, depressed, broken, etc.

The things which matter are will power, focus, self said promises, consistency.

Hence do hard work and stay consistent without fear of failures.

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  • TrendingTap Advice for Everyone

I have many advices for you –

  • Never afraid from failures, public comments, and even from your own parents comments because when you find your inner self then even your parents start saying bad about you till you don’t become or earn anything after earn and become something in the world .everyone will cheer for you but In starting mostly everyone say bad to you . Your works is ignoring them and do what you love.
  1. Never underestimate yourself. You can do anything ,can achieve anything ,and if you want to become successful then you have to do something.
    • Never live In comfort zone.
    • Work hard and smart also
    • Job , Business , singing , acting , anything could be your goal and definitions of success ,just work hard and achieve it.
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